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Smart b2b marketing that generates qualified leads

Ridge Marketing is a full-service B2B marketing agency. Our tailored B2B digital marketing strategies will raise your brand’s profile, bring more qualified leads into your sales pipeline and help you convert them into customers.

As you know, the voice, tactics and channels you must use to reach and engage a B2B customer are quite different from the tactics B2C companies use to reach end consumers. We understand that you have a longer sales cycle and need to engage your prospects at every stage of their decision making journey in order to win their business.

Leveraging 20 years of B2B marketing experience, we will thoroughly research your unique industry, get in the mindset of your target audiences and position your organization as the trusted solution to their needs. Let’s reinvigorate your brand together, start a cadence of compelling content and turn your website into a lead-gen machine.

B2B Marketing Strategies That Drive Results

Our team specializes in B2B digital marketing — promoting engaging content to attract and convert customers. As your B2B marketing agency, our experts will help you:

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B2B Branding

Build and maintain a cohesive brand identity that speaks genuinely to your target audience.

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Search Engine Marketing

Make sure your target prospects find YOUR solution at their moment of need.

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B2B Marketing Strategies

Increase your marketing effectiveness with a strategy that’s tailored to your unique industry.

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Email Drip Campaigns

Enhance brand loyalty and sales with recurring, personalized emails at each stage of the buyer’s journey.

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B2B Video Marketing

Inform and convert your prospects with impactful videos, demos and explainer videos.

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B2B Advertising

Promote engaging content and drive measurable results with expertly planned multi-channel PPC advertising.

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B2B Web Design

Transform your website into a prized sales asset that attracts, engages and converts customers.

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Social Media Marketing

Engage high-intent leads, boost customer satisfaction and retention with targeted social media.

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B2B Public Relations

Communicate your brand story and fuel growth with effective internal and external communications.


Our Data-Driven B2B Marketing Approach

Your prospects are bombarded with marketing messages across multiple channels each and every day. To break through, you need to offer content that solves your prospects’ challenges. And then you need to get that content in front of them precisely when they’re looking for it. That’s where we come in.

We use data-driven analytics and inspired content and visuals to:


Define and communicate your value proposition and differentiators.


Make your prospects the hero of your story and speak to their emotional drivers.


Develop digital assets tailored to every step of the buyer’s journey.


Reach your prospects via search, email, social and industry publications.


Run an ongoing marketing strategy that’s aligned with your business goals.


Track, analyze and report on our progress and refine as we go.

Leverage our years of experience as a B2B marketing agency and implement a marketing strategy that helps you rise above your competitors with highly effective messaging, tactics and execution.

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Why Choose Ridge as Your B2B Marketing Agency?

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Ridge Marketing is a full-service digital marketing agency with a dedicated in-house team of content marketers, digital strategists, writers, designers and web developers. We run comprehensive marketing programs for manufacturers, software providers, fintech and other B2B clients that bring qualified leads into their sales pipeline at a rapid rate.